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issue no. 4, summer 2001


Drive-By Shootings

candid cameravan photography

by Harrod Blank

british bewildered man with cigar kids in new york
the artist in his van
pointing couple about the artist

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monitor, bensonhurst
bewildered man a ride with
the man behind
the machine
woman with glasses
onlookers in bensonhurst woman in bus pointing man
soy bean farmer woman flasher astonished american

the camera van
The result of an actual dream by the artist, Harrod Blank's Camera Van is covered with a collection of more than 2,000 cameras, ten of them functional Canon EOS cameras controlled by shutter buttons on the dashboard and a monitor that serves as the viewfinder. Harrod and his van have traveled across the United States, England, and Germany, capturing the expressions of a startled public. He now dreams of taking his unique rolling photographic studio around the world to document the reactions of other peoples and cultures. You'll find more about the Camera Van at www.cameravan.com.

about the artist
Filmmaker and photographer Harrod Blank's automotive artistry was inspired by his 1965 VW Beetle which became his first art car, Oh My God!. His documentary films include 1992's Wild Wheels and Driving the Dream (1997). The sequel to Wild Wheels is scheduled for release in 2002, and Harrod's photography can be found in the companion book of the same name (Blank Books, 2001). Harrod co-produces the annual ArtCar Fest in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to his art car projects, Harrod is working on Burning Man: The Movie.

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