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fall 2008

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odd landings

how a few travelers arrive on the page

some of the search strings that have led people to on the page...

dates wrapped in bacon
coffee first
male movies
vw beetle
drugs in the sixties
chocolat catholic
faster pussy cat kill kill
unbuttoned blouse
quid pro quo
valentine's day meals
chevy nova
sibling poetry
images of cuba
wheat thins
good food store missoula
there's no shame in being a pariah
berkeley car wash coupon
coffee mugs in the shape of human face
people crying
pennsylvania dutch hex signs
change my name poems
sexual fake
tattoos of swallows
songs about cars
meals for one
face in a jar by the door
shattered knuckles
twain editorial we tapeworms
www.salmon steaks/grilled
fish accident rotten.com
japanese pantyhose long legs
attractive fancy and meaning names
girl with far away eyes
tumbling after susan parker
forced my brother to wear my dress
alice's restaurant guitar chords
the eyes of fish
how can i make salt peter
five inch heels
you can count on me and bach
new job poems
shattered window drawing
omara portundo
hair falls forward
technical translator in arkansas
fish head candy
girl mud fighting
shoe counter boards
tiny futon frame
aloka meditation center
how to fix a squeaky bed
she forced him to wear her
give me a home where the
freaks and oddballs
difference between shift and caps lock
vonnegut quotes dislike hemingway
squeaky bedfix
waterbed breasts sex
good party conversation topics
swallows (tattoos)
welfare money good and bad
themes from the outsiders
peeled off her stockings
porcupine walks across screen
swinging doors in a saloon
enormous woman
mysophilia band metal
alfred einstein
beautiful young women naked with tourettes
scantily-clad waitress
were can i find people crying
nipple of venus
molded belt buckles
young boy sketch nude
snap lids beer bottle
no one exists alone
native montana bumper sticker
college photos cross-country

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