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40 things to do before you die

start Ulysses
live alone
go to a reunion
learn a good joke
get paid for work you enjoy
play a complete game of chess
play matchmaker
buy a round for everyone at the bar
enjoy a bottle of Chateau dYquem, Sauternes
listen to Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
accompany a friend to their church, mosque, or temple
go bowling
go to the opera
go on a blind date
win $50 at a casino
learn another language
write a letter to the editor
make a rambling heartfelt toast
try something you love but are lousy at
take care of someone or something other than yourself
order food you cant pronounce
swim in the ocean
make the first move
tell your worst secret
visit the oracle at Delphi
spend time without e-mail or phone access
visit the towns your grandparents grew up in
watch The Godfather I and II in one sitting
do something you might regret in the morning
wander aimlessly in a foreign city
fall in love
host a party
forgive your mother
read Crime and Punishment
pay off your debts
remember the punch line of your joke
live with someone
give up on Ulysses
make your own list
quit while youre ahead

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