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21 ways to experience shared spaces

“Northern Exposure” on DVD—stories of a small-town community in Alaska
To Be and To Have—a film about life in a one-room schoolhouse in France
coffee shops where coffee is still described as small, medium, or large
independent bookstores
minor league baseball games
The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
reliable public transportation
Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam’s work about the decline of community life
watching (or running) the New York City Marathon
hosting a dinner party
saving an endangered species in Salinas, California: the public library
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls—a documentary on filmmaking in the 1970s
Richard Russo’s novels and short stories about small towns
Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small Town Life
knowing the names of the folks that live next door to you
“What You Pawn I Shall Redeem,” a short story by Sherman Alexie
poker night
Mermaid Avenue—Billy Bragg and Wilco’s take on Woody Guthrie
“Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles
Underground—Emir Kusturica’s exuberant film about life in a wartime cellar hideout
the laundromat

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