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issue no. 1, winter 2000–2001
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Should You Bowl Alone?
a review of Robert Putnam's book on the decline of social capital in America

The Devil's Food
a letter to Catholic League president William Donohue concerning 'Chocolat'

The Good, the Bad, and the Freaks:
on the trail of drug peddlers in africa and zen killers in brooklyn

a look at recent works by John le Carré and Jonathan Lethem

'Open Letters' Opens Up
OtP talks to open letters editor paul tough

"Our goal was (and is) to publish a certain kind of writing . . . honest, immediate, intimate first-person writing about the world around us. The magazine is predicated on a belief that that kind of writing can reveal more about our life and times than conventional journalism can.

Beyond that, the only philosophical tenets we cling to are Truth and Beauty. As much as possible, we've tried to publish letters that contained big helpings of each."
How to Check Out Woody Guthrie
an overview of selected recordings, tributes, and books

plus:  check out Pete Mulvihill's companion essay, Rebound for Glory: More Thoughts on Woody

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