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Indecision on Aisle Seven

She imagines waking into another life
caviar for breakfast...

by Ruth Daigon


When I died, I put on sandals
too delicate to be worn,
for my safe passage over, ...

by Sara Berkeley

A Trio of Prose Poems

Special Math Problem:

If you make $9,000 a year and you sleep in the same bed with your mother, and she is scared to leave the house, and there is a sale on Tuna Helper...

by Lorraine Mavis Lupo

The Next Religion

She was a very old goddess, had long
skipped their sacrifices, had seen
too many thorns and bonfires,
& slept through a millennium's dirges.

by Peter Tomassi

The Mother with Claws

I am reminded, almost as if in whispers
by weathered house plaques on backstreets...

by Andrena Zawinski

Something to Do with All Night Classical Bowling

                  Gathering the pins late at night, a man
at the alley dusts them once a month,
say the second Tuesday, wondering why...

by Emily Koehn


You can't smoke here,
which is hard on me
and Sherman. They can see
how we miss the fear...

by Julia Bloch

And what about people you see crying in public?

You know who I mean, I mean the bleached-hair
rough-skinned woman on a plastic orange MUNI seat...

by Jaron Kanegson

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