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Fix-it Man by Lisa Beatman
Nereid by Sara Berkeley
Leisure by Julia Bloch
The Skin Magician Confesses by Susan Chambers
Return by Darcy Cummings
Indecision on Aisle Seven by Ruth Daigon
New Car Blues by Charles Fishman
Sleeping Near Water by Charles Fishman
Utopia by Maureen Tolman Flannery
Dot Com Denouement by Zoë Francesca
Stoned Wheat Thins by Zoë Francesca
The Dodge Silver Hawk by Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Ironing My Hair by Maggi Grace
All Hell at 55 by John Grey
Quid Pro Quo by I. Halpern
Seder in Prison by I. Halpern
Godís Country by Jacqueline Heinze
Liarís Dice by Ronald Hobbs
A Failure of Intelligence by Kake Huck
Coffee First by Dory Hudspeth
Funeral Food by Dory Hudspeth
And what about people you see crying in public? by Jaron Kanegson
Something to Do with All Night Classical Bowling by Emily Koehn
Fox by Erik Leavitt
His name is like a ham sandwich by Erik Leavitt
Macho by Erik Leavitt
Sulking as a Spectator Sport by Erik Leavitt
Brother by Gayle Leyton
Mirror Image by Gerren Liles
A Fig Tree Grows in Brooklyn by LindaAnn Loschiavo
A Trio of Prose Poems by Lorraine Mavis Lupo
King by Shahe Mankerian
The Touch of Her Skin by Angela Mankiewicz
Lazy Sunday by Janet McCann
The Red Ink by Janet McCann
Hide and Seek by Joyce Odam
Lost and Found by Estelle Padawer
Bedtime Story by Leone Scanlon
McDadd Arrives Late to the Party by Todd Schindler
Coming & Going by Elaine Sexton
Accumulated Randomness by Susan Terris
Chickens Have No Myths by Susan Terris
Natural Defenses by Susan Terris
Palatino by Susan Terris
The Next Religion by Peter Tomassi
Paul Caponigro by Leo Vanderpot
Corona by Elaine Verdill
Confused and Nearly Lost by Bill Vernon
On First Seeing Baby by Bill Vernon
Worrying by Bill Vernon
Whiskey by Sarah Brown Weitzman
Hammer by Linda Wojtowick
The Mother with Claws by Andrena Zawinski

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