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issue no. 1, winter 2000–2001
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Indecision on Aisle Seven

by Ruth Daigon

She imagines waking into another life
caviar for breakfast
slick black
coating the tongue.

She imagines a hope for the evening
crystal goblets wine
immaculate table cloth
a fever of flowers in every room.

Sultry scenes unfold like paper flowers
in a water glass as she
readies to go out,
scarved and starry-eyed but

something's always left behind,
her head forgotten in a shower cap
hanging on a hook, her hands
resting on the coffee table.

Steering into a safe place
on the slow lane, seat belt
pulled tight, her mouth's
the small shape of worry.

In the corner store, she
catwalks down corridors
pushing her basket
while hidden mirrors

swallow her image. Undecided
on aisle seven, she stands
on one foot while the other sleeps.
The bag boy nods to her and

if she speaks at all, she speaks
in whispers. On the sale counter
she looks for day old bread, cracked eggs
oranges spotted with decay. Sorting through

spoilage, she uncovers the world.
Passersby warn her:
It's old, riddled with soft spots.
She buys it anyway.

Ruth Daigon was founder and editor of Poets On. Her poems have been widely published in both print magazines and online, including Shenandoah, Poet & Critic, Kansas Quarterly, Alaska Quarterly, Crania, Cross Connect, and Zuzu's Petals. She is the recipient of numerous poetry awards and has chapbooks on Pare Cum Paribus (Chile), Web Del Sol and The Alsop Review. Ms. Daigon will be part of the Pudding House Publications Poetry Chapbook Series, "Ruth Daigon's Greatest Hits 1970–2000." Stained Glass Cantatas (Cedar Hill Publications), a collection of her poetry, will be published in 2002.

poet's note
This was one of my first surreal explorations into a woman's dark, introspective world triggered by events happening in the real world and her ability to deal with and accept them.

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