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Leaving the Chesapeake by Edward M. Belfar
Dates—Not a Love Story by Daria Brown
Lemons by Blair Campbell
Like This by Lindsey Crittenden
The Fool by Deborah Crooks
The Jar by the Door by Vera Djordjevich
Plastic Jesus by Jason George
Holding it Down for Miles Hartley by Claudia Graziano
Mud Eyes, Fish Head by Melissa Green
Hedgehog by Rachel Haas
Synchronicity by Roger Hart
Wild Birds of the Food Court by Denice Aldrich Jobe
The Insect Parade by Roberta Kwok
Benjamin, Hatless by Bob Levy
Living With Strangers by Lorraine Lupo
I'll Give You Ten, Game to Eleven by Jono Marcus
A Suspicious Event and Several Other Events by Laura McGinley
Fire and Brimstone by Dylan Murphy
Emily by Marco North
On Our Own by Edith Pearlman
What We Do without Money by Victoria Polk
Fake Lezzie by Susan Scheid
The Magnificent Kornblatt by Todd Schindler
Vermont Is So Unlike California by Samantha Schoech
Why You Shouldn't Have Gone in the First Place by Samantha Schoech
Psychic by David Schweidel
Home Plate by John Shaw

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