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Armadillo Hunting with an Old Man by Joby Bass
No, I Have Not Surfed Mavericks by Christian Beamish
Family Car by Colin Berry
Shattered by Colin Berry
Einstein in Singapore by Joan Bieder
A Paige from History by Wendy A. Bilen
Wine that Maketh Glad the Heart of Man by Blair Campbell
The Same Gestures at Different Speeds: Work and Pleasure at the Movies by John Carnahan
Sharing Talia by Andrea Coombes
How to Pant to Porn by Vincent Eaton
Science and Art in the Kitchen by Debbie Epstein
The Geography of Waxing by Kate Haug
Over the Edge and Back in Time for "Law and Order" by Charles Herman
East vs. West: A Search for the Perfect Chowder by Anne Jennings
Searching for the Redemptive Moment by Nina Jordan
A Taste of France by Rikke Jorgensen
The Secret by Jacob Kornbluth
The Light Switch by Jennifer Lehr
The Scariest Place by John Lehr
Getting Yourself Home by Brenda Miller
Rebound for Glory:
  More Thoughts on Woody
by Pete Mulvihill
Saving My Grandparents by William Nations
The Car I Have Become by Susan Parker
Room at the Inn by Susan Parker
The Snake Pit by Mary Jo Pehl
Le Roi Inconnu by Michael Allen Potter
City Signs by Jenny Rider
Oh, Give Me a Home by Samantha Schoech
A Full Set of Teeth by Ana Schwartzman
Road Rage by Mark Sisson
Letter from Missoula by Rick Stern
Don't Throw It in the Danube by Chris Togneri
Girl Gets Job, Loses Boy by Nada Von Tress
collectibles seven writers take on the 100-word car tale challenge
tales of the unemployed voices from the trenches
winning tales of failure winners of OtP's 150-word challenge

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