on the page magazine

issue no. 11, summer 2004


odd jobs
a selection of jobs recently posted on craigslist.org

Looking for a part-time teenager to help with my birds
Elderly lady needed by T-shirt company
Reform rabbi needed
Clean my apartment, please!
Smart, attractive and aggressive women needed for established dungeon
Woman seeking clown
Need siblings (20-40 years old) on 10/1 and 10/2—$50 each
Cold sore study—$ for participating
I need a Dutch man/woman to help with an accent
TV show is looking for guests with a refrigerator full of old food
Looking for Mr. French
Female roller-skaters needed $20/hr
Shlepper needed for Wednesday and Thursday
Drive me downtown!
High school crossing guard (part-time)
Andy Richter look-a-like
Can you crochet super fast?
Artist needed to arrange photographs on living room wall
Santa Claus performer needed
Looking for an expert at fighting video games
Bow tie tutor required
George Bush double needed for short movie
Male models/actors needed to see if my gf will cheat
How much do you know about tattooing?
Needed: someone to clean the gutters of my house
Olivia Newton John impersonator sought
Magic assistant wanted
Mariachi band wanted!
Children's Passover book wanted from you
Teach me welding
Be a bikini cleaner
Urgent! Tutor needed for mature career changer!
Marriage annulment help needed!
Wanted: someone to put a boot in my ass

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