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adult adolescent survey
some reflections on growing up
"break a leg"
a few familiar and lesser-known ways to better your chances
catch of the day
OtP offers some food for thought
facts and figures
OtP's tribute to Harper's Index®
festive foods
recipes to keep you warm this winter
a few thoughts on faith, luck, and chance
odd jobs
a selection of jobs recently posted on craigslist.org
roadside attractions
selected distractions from our cars issue
spring fling menu
a dinner for two featuring the best of spring's early harvest
tales from the past
previously published stories of kith and kin
tales of failure
winners of our 150-word challenge
thoughts on making a living
"to live well is to work well" and other work-related quotes
thoughts on men
selected quotations from Homer to Homer Simpson
valentine's day for one
the 'me' celebration
quotes of yesterday—selected quotations
     from our adult adolescence issue
     from our failure issue
     from our outsiders & community issue

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